Josito and the Kids – International Latin Band

Josito and the Kids - The Band
Josito and the Kids – The Band

„Josito and the Kids“’ is an international Party Band!. With members from 3 continents across the globe is the Rhythm-mix a guaranty. We bring you the hottest Reggaeton-Beats and Latin-Versions of timeless Pop-Songs. Covering a setlist with Spanish, English and Brazilian songs and 3 vocalist there is something for everyone! 

These professional entertainers from Venezuela to Taiwan and Russia to Brazil (Just to name a few!) are more than happy to play at your Wedding, to Festival, Company event or night club!

For bookings, please use the box bellow or write to info[.at.]

Josito and the Kids - The Band
Josito and the Kids – The Band


tour 2022 #jositoandthekids

Pride CSD – Düsseldorf  26/06/2022
Kunstraum KÖ 106 – Düsseldorf 25/06/2022
Stadtstrand – Düsseldorf 12/06/2022
Kulturloft – Ratingen 06/05/2022
trivago NV – Düsseldorf 14/04/2022
trivago NV – Düsseldorf 08/04/2022
Kulturpark – Düsseldorf 02/04/2022
Mirrors Cocktail bar – Düsseldorf 31/03/2022
Kulturpark – Düsseldorf 11/03/2022
Kulturloft – Ratingen 28/02/2022
Kulturloft – Ratingen 18/02/2022
CafeJambo – Ratingen 10/02/2022
CafeJambo – Ratingen 05/02/2022

Kulturloft – Ratingen 21/01/2022
La Mordida – Madrid 14/12/2021
La Mordida – Madrid 7/12/2021